Depression Sufferers Can Find Balance

Depression Sufferers Can Find Balance

Depression refers to severe and long-lasting 'down' times that impair regular activities.

Although caused by a variety of factors, a family history of depression and severe stress can increase the likelihood of the disease.

Qi (energy) enables the body to function in harmony. As women lose Qi during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and childbirth, it is more common for women to be Qi deficient than men.

Acupuncture treatments can correct these imbalances, support the immune system, and directly affect the way your body manages stress and your mental health.

Words can also move Qi, which explains why talk therapy can give patients a sense of physical relief from symptoms. A combination of talk therapy along with acupuncture and Oriental medicine may be even more helpful.

According to Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, researchers have noted greater therapeutic benefits from the use of combined therapies than from the use of independent therapies.

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