Group therapy - What to expect 

What you can expect

-Groups are all led by qualified doctoral level psychologist who will take great care in the formation and development of each group and group process. 
-Groups are meaningful experiences
-Groups lead to change and growth
-Groups or supportive safe environments to share
-Groups explore differences and conflict resolution skills, leading to a better understanding of oneself and others as well as a greater capacity to connect with others
-Groups offer structured experiences and experiential learning that foster growth
-Groups offer learnings on how to be with others and have more fulfilling relationships
-Groups restore passion, and enthusiasm in life

How you can Benefit

-Groups help participants have more full and robust relationships with others
-Groups lead to change and growth
-Groups offer a grounding and support
-Groups offer accountability and connection
-Groups help people be ALIVE, PASSIONATE, MEANINGFUL, PLAYFUL, DEPTHFUL, JOYFUL, and be able to EMBRACE PAIN, SADNESS, FEAR, and ANXIETY in healthy ways 

Questions are encouraged.

Group size is limited.