Group Therapy Experience

The objectives of group experiences include sharing feelings, sensitivities, and vulnerabilities. No true learning takes place without some degree of emotion.  It is important to set an environment which minimizes the risks or discomfort and maximizes the potential for growth. Because we are attempting to promote growth and healing, we ask that all participants agree to conditions which will enhance our sense of security and trust.

Confidentiality: All group material and discussions will stay within the group. Each participant will, of course, process the events, ideas, and feelings with others outside the group. Confidentiality demands that these discussions be done in such a way that no participant can be identified.

Respect for Self: All participants must make their own decision about how much personal information to share, what activities to take part in and how deeply they will involve themselves with others. It is crucial that participants respect their limits and maintain themselves comfortably throughout the group process.

Respect for Others: Everyone will be responsible for participating in a way that helps take care of others. No one should monopolize the discussion, depreciate the efforts of other members, or in any way harm the fabric of trust and warmth that will allow us to proceed. We will work toward an environment that encourages each person to participate in their own unique way.

No Drugs or Alcohol: Participants should avoid taking drugs or alcohol prior to, during or immediately following the group experience.

Role of Group Leader(s): The leaders will actually lead and maintain control of group interactions. He/they may encourage or discourage each participant from opening up feelings or issues based on individual needs and group needs. If participants have questions about what is or isn’t appropriate, they should ask.

Feelings: Feelings should be expressed and examined. It is okay to let feelings out. Know it is okay to be happy, sad, angry, frustrated…but it is not okay to express feelings in ways that are harmful to yourself or others. We make a distinction between expression of feelings and the way in which these feelings are expressed.

Non-Sectarian: Each of the staff and participants are free to maintain their own belief system in regard to religious affiliation. All activities are based on our views about human development and learning processes. No religious point of view or activities will be introduced.